COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials say a man was seriously injured and needed surgery after being attacked by a bear at his home near Steamboat Springs late Sunday.

Officials said the man realized the door to his garage — where he stores birdseed and other attractants — was open around 11 p.m. Sunday. When he entered the garage he was greeted by a sow and two cubs, according to a news release.

Despite the man slowly backing away from the garage, the sow attacked him and caused serious injuries, including severe lacerations to the man’s head and legs that required surgery.

He was in stable condition Monday, and his injuries are considered non-life threatening, according to the release.

After receiving the report of the attack, CPW wildlife officers and park rangers began searching for the bear and cubs. Teams located the sow near the home and euthanized it, CPW officials said.

The bear’s remains were sent to CPW’s Wildlife Health Lab for a necropsy. Officers and park rangers are still searching for the two cubs, and if found, they will be trapped and relocated to a rehabilitation facility.

“This is an unfortunate reminder that we need to stay vigilant and ‘bear aware’ at all times,” said CPW District Wildlife Manager Kyle Bond in a release. “Easy access to food will always override a bear’s natural fear of people, so we humans have to stay on top of keeping all food sources secure.”

Sunday’s attack marked the first in the Steamboat Springs area this year.