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COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — Some political candidates feel like they’re living on the campaign trail. One is actually doing it.

In his quest to become South Carolina’s next secretary of state, state Rep. Joshua Putnam of Piedmont has literally taken his campaign on the road, packing up his family of five and crisscrossing the state in an RV until the June 12 Republican primary.

“Our goal is to hit every county within the state,” Putnam told The Associated Press.

Putnam said his base in the state’s northwestern corner made it difficult to campaign statewide, and he dreaded the idea of leaving his wife and kids at home. Their children are 4, 2 and 9 months old.

“I have such a young family; I just can’t leave for a month and stay in hotels. So this tour will allow us to reach as many voters as possible,” Putnam said.

As many vacationers headed home after Memorial Day weekend, Putnam loaded his family into an RV, emblazoned with a campaign sign on the side. He figures he’ll drive it about 3,000 miles over the next two weeks, meeting voters over coffee, breakfast, lunch, and campgrounds, of course.

Putnam said he couldn’t recall any other candidate taking campaign life to this extreme, but he and his wife know it’ll be a bonding experience for the whole family.

“I just drive, and Holly tries to keep the kids from jumping out!” he joked. “But they love it.”


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