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BEND, Ore. (AP) — As weather warms up, people in Bend, Oregon, are hopping on bikes to pedal around town.

But in many cases, they find bike lanes blocked by pine cones, broken glass and a winter’s worth of sanding rocks and cinders.

The Bend Bulletin reports that members of a bicycle advocacy group are snapping pictures of obstacles in bike lanes and are using social media to share them with the city’s streets department.

Bend Bikes board member Ariel Mendez says it’s like an obstacle course on the bike trails and you have to chart the safest path.

Winter road maintenance means sanding materials accumulate in bike lanes.

When bicyclists face obstacles in bike lanes, they have the right to take the main lane of the road and ride with traffic.

But that can be a daunting prospect, particularly for children and less-experienced riders.


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