BALTIMORE — Baltimore police officers shot and killed a person after he allegedly accelerated his car toward an officer in Northeast Baltimore on Saturday.

Police Commissioner Michael Harrison said the officers approached the driver because they believed there was a warrant out for him related to a robbery.

Two officers fired into the vehicle as the man accelerated, striking one of the officers with the car, Harrison said.

Officials did not identify the man who was killed. Harrison said he had viewed body camera footage, and that the shooting would be investigated by the Maryland Attorney General’s Office.

Police said the shooting occurred in the 1800 block of Chilton Street. Harrison said the officers were working with the mobile metro unit in the Northeast District because of a recent spree of armed robberies and carjackings.

A white Honda Accord with a temporary tag was stopped in the middle of Chilton Street, near the intersection of Hillen Street. The car appeared to have four bullet holes in the hood and windshield. The headlights and wipers were still on.

Police had blocked off the intersection to traffic with yellow tape. Residents who lived on the block were told enter into the back of their homes, rather then entering on the street side.