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BEIJING (AP) — A man apparently upset with a court verdict stabbed four judges with a knife smuggled into a courthouse in central China on Wednesday morning, the court and state media said.

The man suddenly drew the knife and attacked two judges as they were taking questions from him about the court’s ruling in a labor dispute, according to a statement released by the Intermediate People’s Court in the Hubei province city of Shiyan.

It identified the attacker as the appellant in the case, 43-year-old Hu Qinggang.

Two more judges were injured when they tried to stop Hu, who was later detained by court marshals, the court said.

One of the judges was severely injured and put under intensive care, but the wounds were not life-threatening, the court said.

The state-run online publication The Paper said the suspect had apparently smuggled the dagger past security at the front entrance by wrapping it inside newspapers.

Neither the court statement nor the media reports disclosed the court’s verdict or the details of case, although labor disputes in China usually involve non-payment of wages.