At least 13 people were killed and a dozen or more were injured, including children, on Tuesday when a vehicle packed with at least 25 passengers collided with a tractor-trailer in California just north of Mexico, according to hospital officials and the California Highway Patrol.

Jake Sanchez, a CHP spokesman, said the fatal collision occurred when an SUV drove into the truck’s path about 6:15 a.m. near a remote farming town about 15 miles north of the border, on Highway 115 at Norrish Road. The Ford Expedition, which has seating for up to eight passengers, was transporting at least three times as many people when the crash occurred, Sanchez said.

The SUV was traveling westbound when it reached the intersection. It was unclear whether either vehicle stopped before the truck slammed into the driver side of the SUV. The 22-year-old driver of the SUV was among those killed, Sanchez said. The truck driver, 69, was being treated at the Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs.

Deputies described a gruesome scene in which 12 people were found dead and the wounded were walking around aimlessly or trying to free themselves from the vehicle. Some of the passengers had been ejected, while others were found dead inside the mangled SUV. Authorities had initially put the death toll at 15.

El Centro Regional Medical Center chief executive Adolphe Edward said seven injured victims were brought to the facility, with one dying shortly after arriving at the hospital. He said that the victims had suffered extensive injuries and that at least two patients were transferred to a University of California at San Diego hospital for a “higher level of care than what we can provide.”

“It was a horrific crash,” he said.

Edward said in an interview that he believed the victims were undocumented immigrants who may have crossed the border recently. During a news conference later in the day, he added that, for the hospital, they were not “undocumented immigrants” but patients who needed their care. A representative for the Mexican Consulate was present during the hospital news conference.


ECRMC physicians described the injuries, ranging from lacerations to life-threatening head injuries.

Pioneers Memorial Hospital spokeswoman Karina Lopez said that the facility received three patients from the crash and that two were transferred to other hospitals for advanced care.

Sanchez said the ages of the victims ranged from 16 to 55, but he did not confirm whether they were recent border crossers or immigrants. “We don’t generally comment on immigration status,” he said.

The El Centro sector office for U.S. Customs and Border Protection did not respond to calls for comment.

The Biden administration has been struggling to contend with a sharp increase in illegal border crossings in recent weeks. U.S. border agents have made more than 70,000 arrests and detentions in each of the past five months, and the number of teenagers and children crossing without a parent has jumped fourfold since last fall.

Biden continues to rely on a Trump-era emergency public health order to rapidly turn back most adult migrants and family groups, but the measures have resulted in sharply higher “recidivism” rates as border-crossers try again and again until they successfully evade capture. White House officials have urged migrants not to attempt a journey north, insisting the new administration needs more time to establish an orderly process for asylum seekers and others seeking protection in the United States.

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The Washington Post’s Nick Miroff contributed to this report.