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HOUSTON (AP) — Albert Sanchez gets animated when talking about his beloved Houston Astros. And that’s one of the worst things a person can do when there’s a razor pressed to his temple.

“You can’t do that,” Diana Martinez tells him, pulling back her razor as he nodded his head with excitement.

The Houston Chronicle reports Martinez spent nearly an hour Wednesday shaving a classic Astros star onto the side of Sanchez’s head.

Across the city, barbers and tattoo artists said they’re seeing a flood of Astros fans trying to show their devotion to the team in a more visible way as the Astros face the Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series.

For those looking for a less permanent show of affection for their team, a simple haircut may be the best approach. The classic Astros star is fairly easy to shave onto a head compared with the logos of some other teams

Sanchez couldn’t keep from moving his head, especially when asked about his favorite player, second baseman Jose Altuve.

After issuing her warning, Martinez reclined the seat in her Kempwood Drive hair studio and went to work on Sanchez’s head with a skin pencil. Soon, the routine Astros star was a vibrant orange.

But this too was temporary — the color would fade by the morning, Martinez said, and sooner if it got wet.

Sanchez was just happy to see his hometown team on baseball’s biggest stage. His new haircut was a testament to that.

“I had to do something to support the team,” he said.

Eric Hernandez could have bought a shirt. After all, that’s what most fans do. But Eric Hernandez isn’t like most fans.

His love for the Astros is more than skin deep. And now, that’s exactly where it’s displayed prominently and permanently.

On Wednesday, Hernandez sat in a chair at Big Junior’s Tattoos as an artist pricked the Astros star and “H” logo into his left shoulder.

“The team is important to me because it represents the whole city of Houston,” Hernandez said. “The team has brought everybody together in hopes of winning the World Series. After (Hurricane) Harvey, hope is what we need right now.”

Artists have been creatively etching tattoos that range from Astros logos and Astrodomes to “Houston Strong” and “Earn History.”

“This is just another way that my clients show their love and support for Houston,” tattoo artist Junior Ochoa of Big Junior’s Tattoos said. “When the Astros achieve what they are doing, it’s like we are winning with them.”

Jonathan Webb’s bicep is covered with an Astros logo inside the shape of Texas. Webb has been a fan for years and saw baseball’s championship series as an opportunity to get the tattoo he’s always wanted.

“I had been planning on getting my tattoo for a few years now,” Webb said. “I’ve been an Astros fan since I was young watching the games with my family in the Astrodome. I even have some seats in my house.”

Kristina Edwards, a partner at Imperial Tattoo Company, said her Sugar Land shop had already inked a handful of fans.

She and others said they expected more requests to come in as the World Series progressed.

Among those eyeing ink was Jon, a 40-year-old Houston native who didn’t have any tattoos, but vowed to get one if the Astros won the series.

“I’ve been debating getting one for years, and could never find a design I really liked,” he said.

For now, a Houston Astros flag is the top contender to adorn his upper arm.

“But I’m open to suggestions,” he said. “An Astros World Series win would provide the motivation.”


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