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WEST FORK, Ark. (AP) — Police arrested the son of Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson on charges of driving while intoxicated, speeding and violation of implied consent.

William Asa Hutchinson III was booked early Monday into the Washington County jail after State Police arrested him on a DWI charge.

The 42-year-old was released hours later on $1,626 bond, according to jail records. He’s scheduled to appear Wednesday in West Fork District Court, with another hearing set for July 19.

Hutchinson’s arrest came less than a year after a judge dismissed a DWI conviction against him due to citation errors. He was cited in that case after crashing his pickup into a guardrail along Interstate 49 in January 2016. A Fayetteville district judge convicted Hutchinson later that year for driving while intoxicated, careless and prohibited driving and refusing to submit to chemical testing.

But Hutchinson’s attorney last year called into question inconsistencies in the State Police citation. A circuit judge dismissed the case in July and vacated the previous verdict.

Hutchinson, a Rogers attorney, was also arrested in May 2016 at a music festival in Alabama on charges of possession of a controlled substance after deputies said he was carrying the drug MDMA. He was given a pretrial diversion in that case, according to Alabama court records.

A spokesman for the governor didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.