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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (AP) — Early statewide results show that Idaho 11th-graders did slightly worse on this year’s SAT college entrance exam than in 2017.

The state Department of Education released data last week revealing how students preformed on standardized tests they took in the spring, the Times-News reported.

“Idaho educators are working hard to align instruction to rigorous standards and equip students to meet the expectations of the new assessments, and that effort takes time to calibrate,” Superintendent of Public Instruction Sherri Ybarra said in a statement.

In April, nearly 20,000 Idaho 11th-graders took the SAT. Those juniors scored an average of 503 in evidence-based reading and writing, with 58 percent reaching the college-readiness benchmark of 480.

Last year, students scored an average of 506, and 60 percent reached the college-readiness level.

In math, the average score was 486, with 33 percent reaching the college-readiness benchmark of 530. Last year, the average math score was 492, with 34 percent scoring at the college-readiness level.

“To put these results in context, I’m looking forward to conversations with our school leaders and teachers, discussing what this data tells them about where students did well and where they may need more help,” said Ybarra, whose office noted that other states have seen a dip in SAT scores.

Idaho also released preliminary results for the Idaho Standards Achievement Test. Students in third through eighth grades, as well as those in 10th grade, took the test and made some gains in English and math.

District-level results won’t be available until August.


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