Corey Lewandowski doubles down on 'wah wah' comment on girl with Down's Syndrome

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WASHINGTON (AP) — A former campaign manager for Donald Trump is doubling down on his dismissive comment regarding a girl with Down syndrome.

Corey Lewandowski tweeted on Wednesday that he “mocked a liberal who attempted to politicize children” after he appeared Tuesday on Fox News Channel to discuss President Trump’s hard-line immigration policy. Trump’s policy has led to the practice of taking migrant children from parents charged with entering the country illegally. When another Fox panelist mentioned a story about the 10-year-old disabled girl being one of the children, Lewandowski responded with “Wah-wah.”

Lewandowski says in his Wednesday tweet that “the MSM doesn’t want to talk about these policies were started under Obama.” The zero-tolerance policy that has resulted in separating children began in early May under President Donald Trump.