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CAIRO (AP) — Libya’s self-styled national army in the east says it has regained control over two key oil port terminals after militias attacked them a week ago.

Spokesman Ahmed al-Mesmari said on Thursday that the LNA, under the command of Field Marshal Khalifa Hifter, currently controls the Ras Lanuf and al-Sider oil ports.

Al-Mesmari said forces are chasing the militias, led by Ibrahim Jadhran, westwards.

Over the past week, Libya’s National Oil Corporation said the group had attacked the ports, forcing it to shutter them and causing “catastrophic damage” at Ras Lanuf terminal.

Jadhran’s group, opposed to Hifter’s forces, had previously controlled the ports before losing them to the LNA in 2016.

Libya has descended into chaos following a 2011 uprising that toppled longtime ruler Moammer Gadhafi.