Closing arguments were held Wednesday in the trial of a Colorado Springs man charged with killing an acquaintance and his former girlfriend in May 2016

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) — Closing arguments were held Wednesday morning in the trial of a Colorado Springs man charged with killing an acquaintance and a former girlfriend he was convicted of stalking.

District Judge Gregory Werner earlier ruled attorneys for Glen Galloway, 46, couldn’t argue self-defense during closing arguments because they offered no evidence of that during the trial, The Gazette of Colorado Springs reports .

Galloway sought to testify that he killed Marcus Anderson in self-defense in May 2016 after Anderson stole his pistol and threatened him with it.

However, Werner said that if Galloway testified about Anderson’s killing he would have to answer questions about the shooting death of Janice Nam. Prosecutors say she was killed in retaliation for testifying that he stalked her and violated a restraining order she filed against him. He was convicted in October 2015 but failed to appear for sentencing in January 2016.

In two applications for restraining orders in 2014, Nam wrote that she feared Galloway wouldn’t stop coming after her until he killed her.

El Paso County prosecutors are seeking the death penalty if Galloway is convicted of first-degree murder.

Before the jury heard closing arguments, attorneys for Galloway again complained that the judge was denying him a fair trial.

Prosecutors have said Galloway killed Anderson then drove Anderson’s truck to Nam’s house, where he broke in and killed her. During opening statements, Galloway’s attorneys argued he killed Anderson in self-defense and shot Nam during a mental break he suffered during the confrontation with Anderson.

Before juries can consider a self-defense argument, Colorado law requires a defendant to present at least a “scintilla” of supporting evidence. Werner found Galloway’s defense team failed to meet even that low standard.

Galloway, a former Fort Carson helicopter mechanic, threw a laptop computer at the judge during a closed court session before opening statements, missing a court reporter by about 6 inches (15 centimeters).


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