JERUSALEM (AP) — The wave of colorful and combative demonstrations against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in recent weeks have been dominated by young Israelis.

Israel has a long tradition of political protests that draw huge crowds. In recent years, anti-Netanyahu rallies have mostly been the domain of Israel’s old guardians of liberal values, who accuse the prime minister of using authoritarian tactics to chip away at the country’s democratic ideals.

But the unprecedented economic downturn caused by the coronavirus, and a crisis of confidence in leadership, have spurred a younger generation of Israelis wary of their future to take on a more prominent role in the protests. Many of them have little or no history of political involvement.

With flags, face masks, drums, placards and an assortment of props, thousands have been taking to the streets to demand change in a variety of unique ways.

Here is a gallery of images from AP photographer Oded Balilty.


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