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JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — The Alaska Legislature on Monday revised its sexual harassment policy to allow for the use of outside investigators in cases involving legislators under certain circumstances.

The Legislature’s human resources manager would have the discretion to decide whether to hire an independent investigator, but the presiding officer or minority leader could also make a request for an outside investigator.

The policy, adopted by the Legislative Council, also includes an appeals process and formal and informal reporting procedures. It calls for “appropriate corrective or disciplinary action” if a violation occurs. Legislators who violate the policy could be subject to disciplinary action considered appropriate by the presiding officer, minority leader, or the House or Senate.

Workplace harassment could include unwelcome conduct that occurs outside of work, during non-work hours, if it has consequences in the workplace. People who don’t work for the Legislature who are found in violation of the policy could be temporarily or permanently removed from legislative buildings.

The Legislative Council announced in November it would revise policies enacted in 2000 that were criticized as too vague, amid the national conversation over workplace harassment.

In December, Democratic Rep. Dean Westlake resigned after one woman disclosed publicly she was subjected to unwanted physical contact from Westlake months earlier. Other women, who spoke anonymously, said Westlake acted inappropriately toward them or made them feel uncomfortable.

The Legislative Council comprised of House and Senate lawmakers also approved a separate policy on professional conduct. It says any sexual relationship between a legislator and someone under the legislator’s supervision is unacceptable.

It also lists as prohibited unprofessional conduct disruptive, threatening or violent behavior and unwanted advances or conduct of a sexual nature that doesn’t meet the legal standard of sexual harassment in the sexual and other workplace harassment policy.