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CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) — State officials say a more than 140-year-old schoolhouse in Virginia City, a nearly 70-year-old hotel in Wells and a school in Goldfield are being awarded part of nearly $1 million in cultural preservation grants.

The Fourth Ward School in Virginia City and the Tonopah Mining Park will each get $100,000, to top the list of 15 grant recipients announced Monday by the Nevada Commission for Cultural Centers and Historic Preservation.

The El Rancho Hotel & Casino in northeast Nevada and the Thunderbird Lodge on Lake Tahoe each get $95,000, while the 1907 Goldfield High School is due to get $80,000.

Also on the list are Stewart Indian School in Carson City, the Nevada Northern Railway Machine Shop in Ely and Harrison House in West Las Vegas, where black entertainers used to stay while performing on the racially segregated Strip.