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JERUSALEM (AP) — A 12-year-old Israeli girl has discovered an ancient Egyptian amulet dating back more than 3,200 years to the days of the Pharaohs, an official said Tuesday.

Neshama Spielman and her family took part in the Temple Mount Sifting Project, an initiative to sort through earth discarded from the area of the biblical temples in Jerusalem.

There she found a pendant-shaped amulet bearing the name of the Egyptian ruler Thutmose III. The girl said she found the amulet four years ago, when she was eight.

Zeev Orenstein, an official with City of David foundation which supports the sifting project, explained that it can take years to determine the provenance and importance of such archaeological finds.

More than 170,000 volunteers have participated since the project began in 2004.

The discovery comes days before Jews celebrate the holiday of Passover, marking their freedom from bondage in Egypt. Spielman says Tuesday she was excited to learn of the significance of the amulet she found. She says “celebrating Passover this year is going to be extra meaningful to me.”