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Glenn Greenwald in Bolsonaro’s Brazil: ‘I Trigger a Lot of their Primal Rage’

FILE — Glenn Greenwald at his home in Rio de Janeiro, Aug. 1, 2014. Federal prosecutors in Brazil on Jan. 21, 2020, charged the American journalist with cybercrimes for his role in the spreading of cellphone messages that have embarrassed prosecutors and tarnished the image of an anti-corruption task force. (Jimmy Chalk/The New York Times)  XNYT40 XNYT40

RIO DE JANEIRO — Reading through the hacked cellphone messages of Brazilian prosecutors and judges, Glenn Greenwald knew he had a blockbuster story. Greenwald, an American journalist, figured he was well equipped to weather the blowback. After all, he played a central role in exposing the secret intelligence programs leaked by Edward Snowden, the national...

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