Over 1,000 retailers are taking part in Free Shipping Day on Friday, Dec. 16; no minimum purchase required.

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Fellow slackers, procrastinators and mall haters, rejoice. Or if you can’t rejoice, perhaps simply know that you can get online Friday, starting at 12:01 a.m., and get your Christmas shopping done.

Free Shipping Day, which started nine years ago, is a coordinated one-day, online-shopping event with over 1,000 participating merchants including Target, J.C. Penny, Neiman Marcus, Toys R Us, Keurig, Best Buy and more. Merchants will also reveal special one-day deals on Friday, Dec. 16.

Participating stores offer free shipping with no minimum order and a promise of delivery on or before  Christmas Eve.

So relax, it’s not outside the realm of possibilities that you could sit down calmly Friday with your list, a credit card and a cup of coffee (or adult beverage) and knock out your entire holiday shopping list in one day.

Find the full list of participants at Freeshippingday.com