Now that a new school year has begun, with most students learning remotely due to coronavirus restrictions, we’re curious to know from young people: What does your “school at home” look like? Please draw/doodle your at-home setup for school, take a photo of your drawing and send it to us, along with your full name, age, grade, city of residence, and a brief description of your setup and anything unusual or what you like most about it. Send it to by Friday, Oct. 9; we may publish it in The Seattle Times.

To help inspire you, 11-year-old Lyla Dalnekoff, a sixth grader in Seattle who has been documenting her experiences during the pandemic with comics at, has drawn her at-home school setup, which you can see below. She says: “You may have noticed that I have climbing walls, a trapeze and a swing in my bedroom. I have hooks in my ceiling and lots of attachments to hang on them. That’s because it’s nice during breaks between classes to be able to have recess indoors, especially when there’s smoke from the wildfires, and I can’t play outside. I like being really active, and with so much going on, it’s a fun way to get some energy out. Keeping my body strong keeps my brain strong too! My favorite part of my workspace is that I don’t have to stay in one place, that it’s like I have an obstacle course in my room.”