Q: I’d like to recommend a cure for toenail fungus: vitamin E oil. When I first read about it, I thought it would never work. But after using many other things, I tried it, and within two weeks I could see healing.

Here’s what I did. I bought a big bottle of generic vitamin E oil capsules and heated one up with a hair dryer so the oil would flow easily. I used a safety pin to pierce the capsule and squeezed oil onto the base and the top of affected nails morning and evening. After they healed, I kept it up once daily. My nails are perfectly clear now.

A: We first heard about topical vitamin E oil for nail fungus in 1991. A nurse scolded us for not knowing about this home remedy:

“My doctor noticed my ugly, brown, thickened toenails during a routine physical several years ago. She told me to buy vitamin E capsules. I broke them with a pin and squirted the liquid on the toenail and between the toe and the nail.

“I could feel some kind of reaction happening. My toenails cleared up, and the condition has not returned. I am a registered nurse and thought this treatment was worth trying even though it sounded weird.”

Since then, other readers have reported success with topical vitamin E oil for toenail fungus. One dermatologist wrote about a case in which topical application of a 400 IU capsule of vitamin E oil nightly had a rapid, dramatic effect on established toenail fungus (Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, June 1983). He concluded: “Daily topical application of the contents of a vitamin E capsule appears to have resolved a severe, chronic dermatophytosis of the toenails.”


Nail fungus can be hard to eradicate. Some people respond well to one treatment while others do not. That includes prescription medications.

Q: I developed early-stage macular degeneration some 20 years ago, and completely turned it around by taking bilberry. My ophthalmologist confirmed that it was the onset of macular degeneration and that it’s completely gone now.

A: Not all readers have had the same success with bilberry extract. However, a clinical trial suggests there might be benefits from a dietary supplement containing bilberry along with lutein, vitamins and other antioxidants (Advances in Therapy, September 2019).

There are effective medical treatments for macular degeneration. Everyone with this serious eye condition should be under an ophthalmologist’s care.

Q: I have been using gin and golden raisins for almost 30 years. It absolutely works for me.

I stopped taking it for a while because of a scheduled surgery. A few weeks later, I noticed I was having joint pain again. I resumed the concoction and am now much more comfortable and flexible.


It does take at least a month for it to start working. You must have patience.

A: Although we cannot explain it, many people find that gin-soaked golden raisins can be helpful against joint pain. Perhaps the grape polyphenols in the raisins provide anti-inflammatory activity.

It is easy to make this remedy. We have provided a video in our online resource, Alternatives for Arthritis. You will find it for sale at peoplespharmacy.com in the Health eGuides section.