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Dating Question of the Month

We asked readers to tell us: “What is the ‘background checklist’ you complete to before going on a first date?” Here’s what people said.

Answers have been edited for spelling and clarity.

“Bring $60 cash, a fast exit plan, fully charged phone and a positive attitude.”

“Look them up on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, to see if they’ve lied about anything on their dating profile.”

“I avoid Facebook stalking to prevent creating preconceived notions about the person.”


“Review their Tinder profile and reread our previous conversations before the first date.”

“Check them out on Instagram to see if we have mutual friends! It’s like a secret prescreen!”

“LinkedIn is the best source. But no deep digging, I don’t want too many assumptions going in.”

“Check with my other single friends if they’ve matched with/talked to/dated the person I’m about to meet.”

“I search for everything everywhere … What they paid for their house, look at exes, etc.”

“I used to look them up but stopped. I don’t think social media says everything about us.”


“I use a fake Instagram account to look at their Instagram stories before our first date.”

“If I’m going to a restaurant, I’ll check out the menu to make sure there’s something on there I’ll like!”

“I just try to find out if they were ever arrested.”

“I always give a friend a heads up, name and photo of the guy, where we are meeting, and a time to check in if I hadn’t checked in first.”

A survey of 154 @dating_in_seattle Instagram followers responded to some additional questions and we wanted to share the results:

Do you look up your match on any of these platforms before the first date?
Facebook: 68% YES
Google search: 49% YES
LinkedIn: 37% YES
Instagram: 72% YES

  • 72% of people said they assumed that their date looked them up on social media before meeting them in person.
  • 37% of people said that not having a social media presence is a red flag.

Here’s the monthly “Seattle Dating Scene” lineup:

  • First week: “Dating Question of the Month” — Readers respond to a dating-related question we’ve posed.
  • Second week: “Happy Anniversary, Tell Us Your Story” — Have an anniversary coming up this month? In under 500 words, tell us how you met your significant other, and send in your story and a photo.
  • Third week: “Best Date/Worst Date” — In under 250 words, tell us an anecdote from the best or worst date you’ve been on.
  • Fourth week: “Ask Marina” — Marina Resto, who runs the lively @Dating_in_Seattle Instagram account, answers reader questions about dating — or finds a special guest to answer the ones she can’t!