Scott Brazelton, a Navy pilot, got advice from a retired Seattle Boeing engineer. A YouTube video captures son going on his first thrill ride.

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Is there a luckier kid in the region?

Three-year-old Wyatt Brazelton’s dad built him his own roller coaster in the backyard of their Oak Harbor home on Whidbey Island.

Scott Brazelton, a Navy pilot, wanted some quality time with his son, because he’s often away from home on lengthy deployments, according to the Whidbey News Times. So instead of a tree house, Scott spent several weeks building a roller coaster out of PVC piping and two-by-fours.

A YouTube video the family posted of Wyatt’s first ride has been viewed more than 103,000 times. Two Seattle television stations traveled to Whidbey Island this week to capture their own footage of a completely delighted boy riding the gravity-powered roller coaster down and around the falls and loops of the 140-foot track.

Brazelton said he sought out help from a retired Seattle Boeing engineer, Paul Gregg, who has written books about backyard roller coasters. Brazelton designed the car to look like a little airplane, complete with a silver propeller and silver tail fins.

Brazelton launches the car by pushing it to the highest point of the track, 7 and a half feet off the ground, with a left-over length of tw0-by-four — and letting the car plummet down and around.

And what does Wyatt say when the ride is over? Again! Again!