How many things can you find without wandering too far from your home?

Here’s an illustrated list you can download (and color!) to start your exploration.

(And remember social distancing of 6 feet!)

☐ a flower

☐ a twig

☐ something blue

☐ a tree stump

☐ a bird

☐ a smooth rock

☐ a fern

☐ a bug

☐ something yellow

☐ a bike

☐ a dog

☐ a cat

☐ a fire hydrant

☐ a leaf

☐ a mailbox

☐ a fence

☐ a clock

☐ something red

☐ a teddy bear

☐ a newspaper

☐ a potted plant

☐ something soft

☐ a ball

☐ a street sign

Done coloring? Take a photo of your downloaded sheet and share it on social media with the hashtag #STkidscorner

Art by Gabriel Campanario, Seattle Times news artist