Sketched Feb. 4, 2020

“I LUV U PUMPKIN!” wrote Guncle. “BETTER 4 KNOWING U,” signed MMR&DBN.

If you are looking for Valentine’s Day inspiration, the messages written on thousands of charms hanging from the balcony railings at Pike Place Market might be a good start.

Since 2014, when plans for the “MarketFront” expansion began, thousands of people have purchased $180 charms offered by the Market Foundation during a fundraising campaign that is now coming to a close — only 200 open spots for charms remain, according to the Market Foundation’s website, and those interested in securing their token are encouraged to sign up by March 10. Proceeds from the charms go directly toward helping “to nurture a thriving Market community,” which includes organizations such as the Pike Market Senior Center, Pike Market Food Bank and Neighborcare Health.

Unlike the funkier fence of love locks on the Marion Street pedestrian bridge, these round, metal pieces offer the public a neat way to be part of the market’s history while helping sustain it.

Return to visit your memento on a bright day, when the sun makes the charms sparkle like your “pumpkin’s” eyes. And now that the waterfront is free of viaduct noise, you can even hear the tokens of your affection tinkling against the railings on windy days.

What could be more charming than that?