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How We Met

We asked readers to submit stories about how they met their significant others. In this special edition, we follow up on some romance success stories from the Seattle Green Lake Running Group (SGLRG) and share their advice for how to meet others.

Loka and Stephanie

“I first met Loka when we were attending the same CPR class. Loka told me I should come to an SGLRG run sometime (he founded the group in 2010). I never went, but ran into Loka two years later at another CPR class and again, he asked if I’d come run with SGLRG. Nothing came of it, but coincidentally soon after, I bumped into him on the Wonderland Trail at Mount Rainier. He gave me his card.

Sometime later, I sprained my ankle, but I was itching to get some exercise in. Looking at Loka’s card, I contacted him to ask if he’d go on a walk around Green Lake with me. After the first lap he agreed to walk around the lake with me again — that’s a lot of commitment, as it’s almost 3 miles around!

We started dating shortly after and I started attending group runs more regularly. I also made a routine of asking a ‘question of the day,’ something we both answered to learn more about one another, never missing a day. The question of the day carried on until one day when we took a trip out to Astoria, [Oregon], Loka got down on one knee and asked a question of the day: ‘Will you marry me?’ Our wedding was beautiful, and all the groomsmen were SGLRG friends and Loka’s sons.”



Advice for finding friends and partners: “Some advice for Seattle folks looking for friends and partners is to take time for friendships. It can be hard with adulting obligations getting in the way. Running is a great way to spend quality time with friends and multitask by also exercising.”

Crystal and Joe

Crystal met Joe just a few days after she moved to Seattle.  (Courtesy of Crystal Gambler-Wahl)

“Joe was one of the original members of SGLRG. Two days after I arrived in Seattle after moving from Louisville, [Kentucky], I went to my first run with the group. I started pacing with some others in the group and Joe was one of them. There’s a running joke that I became the third wheel between the Joe and Charlie — another SGLRG member — bromance. After a post-coffee run weeks later, we planned our first date at Brouwer’s Cafe in Fremont, which was the first time we saw each other in something other than running clothes. We got engaged three years later in Norwalk, Connecticut, and eventually got married on the East Coast, where we livestreamed our wedding for all our SGLRG friends!”


Advice for finding friends and partners: “Just be yourself, enjoy and join in the conversations. Friends and relationships will come naturally.”

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