READER'S LENS: Seattle Times reader Aaron Frank’s dramatic seascape photo from Olympic National Park.

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Photographer: Aaron Frank, from Roy, Pierce County

Photo taken: April 7, Ruby Beach, Olympic National Park

Photographer’s description: “On a trip back from Shi Shi Beach we decided to catch the sunset at Ruby Beach. This pure natural beauty was taken with my Nikon D5100, with 14mm ultrawide Rokinon lens.”

Katie’s critique: “Great job framing the sun so it bursts through that archway. I love the added element of the person on top of the rock; this photo wouldn’t be as great without him or her. (I wish the focus was on the person — it’s a bit soft — instead of the driftwood in the center of the frame.) The reflection and symmetry are nice additions to the frame. Tip: Try cropping from the left of the frame to make it more vertical and position that burst onto the thirds.”

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