Seattle Times reader Lynne Simons caught this image of a katydid in a geranium blossom in Bellevue garden.

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Here’s the winning entry in our August reader-photo contest with the theme “It’s a Small World.” The photographer wins a Canon photo bag. Photographer: Lynne Simons, Bellevue Photo taken: Aug. 13, in household garden Photographer’s description: “I was picking spent geranium blossoms when I noticed I had company. I ran in the house and grabbed my camera and macro lens and felt so lucky that my visitor waited for me. I wish I could identify it. I have not seen anything like it in my garden in the past, and think it may be a form of grasshopper that seems to feel quite happy in geranium blossoms. I used my Canon 5D Mark III and 100mm macro lens mounted on a tripod.” Katie’s critique: “We sometimes take for granted the small things around us that have a smaller world than us. This was not one of those instances. Lynne Simons noticed and made a great shot of this little guy. (We think it’s a katydid, also known as a long-horned grasshopper; anybody else have some insight?) What I love about this frame is seeing the detail in its face and how the bright green pops against the beautiful white of the geranium. This photo definitely made me smile. I hope it inspires others to take time and take in our small world.” Here’s a gallery of more “Small World” photo entries. Share your recent photo from around the Northwest. Submit online at We judge the year’s best and award a $250 gift card and other prizes every December.