Seattle Times reader Craig Goodwin II’s photo of the aurora borealis behind Mount Spokane’s historic Vista House.

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Photographer: Craig Goodwin II, Spokane Photo taken: July 12, Mount Spokane State Park Photographer’s description: “The Northern Lights shine brightly on the horizon behind the historic Vista House at the top of Mount Spokane. This is a 25-second exposure with a Nikon D600 and I used my headlamp to illuminate the foreground. I waited for the moon to set at 12:30 a.m. and took pictures for an hour as the aurora pulsated in the sky. The Big Dipper is visible to the upper left of the house.” Expert says: “I’ve become familiar with Mount Spokane’s Vista House after years of photo editing for travel and ski stories – this is easily the best image I’ve seen of the iconic site. The picture has many great photographic elements: a sense of place, a long exposure showcasing a heavenly sky, and a colorful and radiant aurora borealis. Photographing the Northern Lights often takes a bit of luck, research and patience. So extra kudos to the photographer for capturing this stunning picture.” Share your recent photo from around the Northwest. Submit online at (and see an online gallery of other Reader’s Lens photos). We judge the best and award a prize every December.  

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