Seattle Times reader Ken Wiersema’s stunning sunrise image, shot from his commuter ferry from Bainbridge Island

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Here’s the winner of our April photo contest with the theme “My Commute.” The winner gets a Canon photo bag. Photographer: Ken Wiersema, Bainbridge Island Photo taken: March 31 sunrise, from Bainbridge ferry Photographer’s description: “A friend of mine on the boat saw me running up on deck to take this and later asked, ‘Do you always take photos from the boat?’ I answered, ‘Only when it’s gorgeous!’ ” Katie’s critique: “Gorgeous shot of the sunrise — wispy clouds get me every time. I feel like we get in a zone while on our commutes, not paying much attention to what’s around us. But taking note of the beautiful and diverse Pacific Northwest as we commute through it every day is important and this photo documented a stunning aspect of that. Next time, try incorporating a detail of the ferry into the photo to get a foreground that adds an extra storytelling element. Nevertheless, great photograph!” Share your recent photo from around the Northwest. Submit online at We judge the year’s best and award a $250 gift card and other prizes every December. Below is a gallery of past Reader’s Lens picks.