Seattle Times reader Steven Seibert’s photo from a cycling high-jump competition is winner of our June contest.

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Here’s the winner of our June photo contest with the theme “Festival Focus,” for which we invited photos of festivals, parades, races and summery contests. The photographer gets a Canon photo bag.

Photographer: Steven Seibert, Renton

Photo taken: May 5, SeaTac

Photographer’s description: “G.H.Y. Bikes high-jump contest. Shot on a Nikon D500 with a 50 mm f1.8g lens.”

Katie’s critique: “This highflying photo wins our ‘Festival Focus’ monthly contest by capturing a fun peak-action moment. I love all the wowed faces of the contest watchers as the biker heads to the apex of his jump, as well as the biker’s determined facial expression as he hangs in midair. The lens used creates a separation between the high-jumper and the trees in the background so we are able to focus on that moment without getting distracted. Fantastic moment captured.”