Seattle Times reader Jacklyn Kennedy’s image of a stark stand of trees at Golden Gardens Park.

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Photographer: Jacklyn Kennedy, Seattle

Photo taken: Feb. 25, Golden Gardens Park

Photographer’s description: “I’m learning to use my tripod with my Canon Rebel, and armed with my new depth-of-field app, I headed to Golden Gardens to practice. These bare trees were the perfect spot.”

Katie’s critique: “I always see these trees photographed at sunset as a silhouette but this captures a different scene where we can see the detail of the bark. Great job using a small aperture (f/22) to get more in focus. I love that those people walking pop up between the trees. In this case, I think I want one more element to catch my eye and pop against the browns — maybe a bird flying through the sky or someone with a bright yellow or red rain coat walking through the sand a little closer to your camera. It might not always appear but patience is a photographer’s friend.”