Seattle Times reader David Dana’s photo of a hang glider riding thermals above Issaquah’s Poo Poo Point.

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Photographer: David Dana, Bellevue Photo taken: June 19, Poo Poo Point, Issaquah Photographer’s description: “This was my first visit to the popular launching point for paragliders and hang gliders. This hang glider was the only one in the air, skillfully riding the thermals. I was struck by the patterns of the wispy clouds behind him, and found this angle that reminds me of a surfer riding a cresting wave. Shot with a Nikon D90, zoom lens set to 140 mm.” Katie’s critique: “I love the comparison to a surfer. What stands out about this photo is how clean it is — there isn’t a tree popping up to distract. And the clouds definitely make this frame. Going wider on the shot to show those wisps was a great choice.” Share your recent photo from around the Northwest. Submit online at (and link to an online gallery of other Reader’s Lens photos). We judge the year’s best and award a $250 gift card and other prizes every December. Below is a gallery including past Reader’s Lens picks.

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