Seattle Times reader Yoshiki Nakamura’s photo of migratory swans over a Snohomish wildlife preserve.

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Photographer: Yoshiki Nakamura, Seattle Photo taken: Jan. 5, Heirman Wildlife Preserve, Snohomish Photographer’s description: “In winter, there are many birds including (migratory) swans spending their night at a small lake in Heirman Wildlife Preserve. As it was a severely cold morning, I was expecting the lake to be frozen… Amazingly and pleasantly, I found over 300 swans in the lake…(The birds) created spectacular scenes in the gentle morning sunlight. Used 840mm (600mm x 1.4 Tele-con) lens, ISO 500, 1/1600 of a second, at f/9.” Katie’s critique: “The simplicity of this photo makes it really stand out. The gorgeous light perfectly illuminates these elegant birds, and the perfect spacing between the two, and around them, allows this frame to breathe. An extremely beautiful, simple photograph that feels like winter.” Share your recent photo from around the Northwest. Submit online at We judge the year’s best and award prizes every December. Below is a gallery of past Reader’s Lens picks.