Seattle Times reader Chris Picard’s carefully composed photo of the city’s night skyline.

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Photographer: Chris Picard, Seattle

Photo taken: July 27, Gas Works Park, Seattle

Photographer’s description: “A couple times a year I head down to Gas Works Park at night in an attempt to get this photo. It must be dead calm and there must be no boat traffic. I spent around a half-hour waiting for the conditions to become ideal and then took this image. There is one small boat on the left but it was moving so slowly it did not churn up the water. I used a Nikon D7100 on a tripod with an 18×140 MM lens at 8 sec., f/8, ISO 200.”

Katie’s critique: “Kudos to the photographer for going back multiple times to perfect this photo; the clean reflection of colorful city light definitely makes it. The 8-second exposure creates a glow of the lights that I enjoy a lot. I also like the oblong crop with the horizon directly centered, which makes me think of a heart-monitor readout.”

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