Dispute over retirement benefits sparks labor dispute.

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BERLIN — Pilots at German airline Lufthansa have extended their two-day strike to long-haul flights in an ongoing dispute over retirement benefits.

The airline, Germany’s biggest, says a total of 1,350 of its 2,800 flights scheduled through the strike’s end Tuesday at midnight have been canceled, affecting 150,000 passengers.

Lufthansa’s Tuesday nonstop from Frankfurt to Seattle was canceled, according to the Port of Seattle’s website. A departing flight to Frankfurt was shown as “on time,” but call the airline for updates.

On Monday, the strike was primarily focused on inner-Europe flights. Lufthansa said some of its cargo flights were rescheduled, but none had to be canceled.

Lufthansa says the other airlines in its group — Germanwings, Swiss, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines and Air Dolomiti — are not affected.

The strike follows failed talks with the Vereinigung Cockpit union, which is demanding Lufthansa keep paying a transition payment for those wanting to retire early. The airline wants to cut those payments, citing increasingly tough competition.