Seattle Times reader Karen Dohr’s shot of lanterns floating into the night sky at Spokane Lantern Festival.

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Photographer: Karen Dohr, Seattle

Photo taken: May 31, Post Falls, Idaho.

Photographer’s description: “This photo was taken at the Spokane Lantern Festival where thousands of people came to light lanterns and watch their golden light float away into the night sky. Don’t worry! Ninety percent of the lanterns are recovered after the event and they are 100-percent biodegradable. The photo was taken with a Canon 6D.”

Katie’s critique: “I love the foreground where we’re able to see what the lantern looks like and where people are about to send theirs off, arms extended. And the small dots of lanterns in the sky are really cool, like a little galaxy of stars and planets. The contrast of blue and orange is great. I almost want the frame to be wider, but that might also clutter it. Beautiful job by the photographer.”

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