Seattle-Tacoma International Airport didn't capture the imaginations of frequent fliers in the past year, but a new study says it didn't raise their ire, either.

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What stands out about Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in the eyes of a (presumably weary) traveler?

Not much, according to a recent survey released by J.D. Power.

Sea-Tac ranked 22nd among major U.S. airports, according to the 2016 North America Airport Satisfaction study, which was released Thursday. Overall customer approval of Sea-Tac garnered three out of five stars (or, in this case, dots).

The survey was based on several metrics, including airport accessibility, check-in, security, amenities and baggage claim. How did Sea-Tac do? Again, it received three out of five stars (or dots) in each category.

While fliers have a distinctly average response to Sea-Tac, overall traveler satisfaction with their airport experience is improving, according to J.D. Power. This comes at a time when airports are posting a 5- to 6-percent annual increase in traveler volumes.

For the past two years, Sea-Tac was the fastest-growing large airport in the U.S. Last year, passenger traffic grew a record 13 percent. In traveler volume, Sea-Tac ranked no. 13 among all U.S. airports in 2015.

While travelers aren’t necessarily wowed when flying through the Seattle-Tacoma region, the Pacific Northwest stood out in the survey: Portland International Airport ranked highest in satisfaction among large airports for the second consecutive year. It scored five stars (or dots) in all categories, save for security.

In addition to customer service, some say there are other factors in play.

“Offering local flavor and local design elements unique to the area provide a ‘sense of place,’” Michael Taylor, director of the airport practice at J.D. Power, said in a statement. “For example, Portland International Airport has incorporated regional designs and symbols in the flooring. The color schemes and storefronts make the airport feel unique to Oregon and the Northwest.”

Sea-Tac, we hope you’re listening. We need even more shops with Russell Wilson jerseys, and maybe a Dick’s Drive-In while you’re at it.