Snuggle in a comfortably-outfitted tent at Lopez Farm Cottages on one of the most rural San Juan Islands.

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Looking for glamping in the San Juans? Here’s a peaceful choice on the most rural of the main islands for camping in comfort.


Two “camp nests” are the most popular lodging option at the 30-acre Lopez Farm Cottages where the Warsen family also offers five cottages, 12 campsites and three drive-up campsites. It’s secluded and peaceful — no RVs, electronic music, pets, or kids under 14 — but just one mile from Lopez Village shops and 2.6 miles from the ferry landing.


John Warsen said he had always liked to “camp comfortable.” Then, he found the term ‘glamping’ on Wikipedia.

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“I’d never even heard the expression, and all of a sudden I realized … I’m a glamper! I’m on the cutting edge,” he said. “I thought I invented it.”

His two 100-square-foot tents have carpeting and a queen-sized futon topped with memory foam and made up with quilt, sheets and pillows. Creature comforts include a wastepaper basket, hanging flashlight, and tissues. Next to each tent are two ice chests, two Adirondack chairs, a table and hammock.

About 100 feet away in the camp building are four bathrooms with two hot showers open to the sky. For cooking, there are two barbecues and an outdoor kitchen with microwave, coffee maker, and sink (bring coffee mugs and charcoal). Warsen provides a telescope for bird watching and also a unique sloped bocce court.


Lopez Island — whose laid-back inhabitants are sometimes known as “Slopezians,” according to Warsen — is known for its sloping hills, making for gentle cycling routes. And for walkers, Lopez Farm Cottages are a mile from a beach walk along Upright Channel.

Four to 12 sheep roam the grounds of Lopez Farm Cottages, as do wild deer.

Camp nest #10A has a view of open pastures, while camp nest #1 is nestled in one of several wooded spaces that Warsen said remind him of “being in a cathedral.”

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Lopez Farm Cottages, 555 Fisherman Bay Road, Lopez Island; $88 a night.