ORLANDO, Fla. — At first glance, the reports seem pulled straight from the satirical website The Onion.

A wheelchair chase? A feud over meat. And photos of, wait, what?

The Orlando Sentinel obtained Orange County Sheriff’s reports that document a handful of strange encounters at Walt Disney World, an inevitability considering the millions of people that visit it and the other Orlando theme parks every year.

Disney did not respond to a request for comment.

A 22-year-old Peruvian woman waiting to ride Flight of Passage felt something wet on the back of her leg. She was standing in line for the attraction at Animal Kingdom notorious for its wait times since opening in 2017.

Turning around, she realized a man — a 46-year-old from Brazil — was urinating in the queue.

His back was turned as he attempted to hide himself, although the woman could still see, according to the March incident report.


The woman kept her place in line for the next 20 minutes until she could notify a Disney employee.

The man, embarrassed, apologized profusely.

“He would not have urinated if he thought he could have held it or made it to the bathroom without causing further issues,” the incident report said.

The man was banned from the Animal Kingdom for the rest of the day, and the woman who reported him was given a change of clothes.

A 44-year-old New Jersey woman accused of cutting in the FastPass line at Space Mountain began arguing with a couple from Canada.

The fight became physical, according to the July incident report.

The New Jersey woman said she was elbowed and pushed in the face.

After riding the roller coaster, she left and saw the couple leaving at the same time. She alerted her husband what had happened. That’s when her husband began chasing them in his wheelchair, the incident report said.


Her husband apparently hit the other man in the chest with his cane, strong enough to leave a red mark, according to the report.

That was enough for her husband to be banned from Disney World. The Canadian couple decided not to press criminal charges.

In another case, a woman told authorities she had been pushed “mildly” by a stranger when they got in an argument at the Magic Kingdom.

What had triggered the disagreement? An oversized turkey leg, a staple theme park dish.

The woman munched on the turkey leg and dropped pieces of meat on the ground as she made her way across the park. That caught the attention of the man who confronted her, according to the October incident report.

Other reports served as a reminder to check your iPhone settings so you don’t get AirDrop messages from people you don’t know.


At least twice, Disney-goers reported to law enforcement that they had been sent weird pictures while in the theme parks.

In May, a group of teenage cheerleaders visiting the Animal Kingdom played games on their cellphones when something strange popped up. They reported receiving photos of a dog’s rear end and “a little boy without a nose being held by an older male.”

Authorities tracked the sent images from a 19-year-old Florida man who apologized and deleted them. The photos weren’t criminal, the incident report said.

A 35-year-old man also contacted the sheriff’s office about Dropbox photos he received from a stranger while he waited outside Epcot’s Test Track ride.

One of the images was from “a kid’s television show called ‘iCarly’ which aired on Nickelodeon. In the photo was a young male who was a character in the show and he was covered in spaghetti with no shirt on,” the sheriff’s report from August said.

Deputies didn’t find out who sent it.


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