ORLANDO, Fla. — Magic Kingdom’s Hall of Presidents will reopen — complete with audio-animatronic Joe Biden — in August, Walt Disney World has announced.

The attraction has been closed for renovation and the addition since Biden took office in late January.

On a table near the new figure will be Biden-centric touches, including a set of aviator sunglasses, which the president frequently sports, and a vase of peach blossoms, representing his home state of Delaware, according to a post on the official Disney Parks Blog.

The new figure will recite the oath of office, which was recorded by Biden at the White House especially for the attraction, Disney says. Donald Trump’s animatronic also was programmed to say the presidential oath. Every sitting president since Bill Clinton has had a speaking part.

Trump remains on stage with the 44 other figures, representing George Washington and his successors. The exact location has not been shared.

Imagineers are putting the final touches on the space, which opened along with the theme park in 1971, the blog says. Disney did not share a specific reopening date for the attraction.