Readers rave about Link Light Rail, escalator signs, help after Greenwood Car Show fall, Kingston Fourth of July parade, Snoqualmie Valley Muslim community; rant about illegal fireworks, early closing downtown garages, calling everyone “guys,” stolen bike, terrorism.

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RAVE My husband and I went on an adventure on our bucket list, riding the Link Light Rail. We were so impressed with everything, from the reliable schedule to the smooth ride to the clean and welcoming stations. Definitely a positive for Seattle!

RANT To the scofflaws who subject their neighbors to the yearly disturbance of illegal fireworks without concern for others’ safety or sanity, including many terrified animals. Find some other way to show your patriotism; the laws are for everyone!

RAVE To airports and businesses that install signs at escalators educating people to “stand right, walk left” so hurried travelers don’t get stuck behind oblivious people blocking the way. Wouldn’t it be nice if transit stations and shopping malls did this too?

RANT AND RAVE Rant to downtown public parking garages that lock up at 7 or 8 p.m. We didn’t see the small sign with closing hours and our car got locked in for the night after a nice dinner out. Rave to us for going rogue and breaking out by going down the in-ramp.

RAVE To the sweet woman who helped me after my fall at the Greenwood Car Show. During the commotion I forgot to ask her name to thank her more for the kind care she gave me while waiting for official help. Thanks so much!

RANT To people that refer to everyone as “guys.” It’s not a unisex word. Please, businesses, train your employees to just say hello. It doesn’t need a qualifier.

RAVE AND RANT Rave to the Town of Kingston’s Fourth of July Parade with marching bands, equestrians, vintage cars and local celebrities. Rant to the Washington State Ferries for not giving drivers any warning they’d be driving into the middle of the parade route, with the ferry terminal closed down for two hours. At least we got to watch a nice parade while waiting for ferry service to resume.

RANT To the person who cut the lock and stole my niece’s bike. She’s a college student and you robbed her of her sole transportation. You should volunteer at Bike Works to reset your definition of who’s deserving of a bike. You can anonymously return the bike to her college, DigiPen Institute of Technology.

RAVE AND RANT Rave to the Snoqualmie Valley Muslim community who celebrate Ramadan and Eid by delivering gift baskets of sweets and nuts to local organizations, including the library. These children and their parents display the best of our American society by sharing brotherly love with their community. Rant to people everywhere who choose to spread terror and destruction in the name of religion during this holiday celebrating peace and friendship.