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Mustache wax

It’s sticky and it can get icky. The level of hygiene required to keep a debris field from forming is pretty high, dudes, so don’t use the wax if you’re not going to put in the time to keep it pristine. Save time and your money; isn’t a comb enough for facial-scaping? Would Mark Twain use such a thing? Or Yosemite Sam? We thought not. Goodbye, gimmick.

The standing O

This is not new. Critics and ticket holders at all kinds of events have been poking at Seattle audiences for years about their need to jump up and shout “Bravo!” (the discerning shout “Brava!” when warranted, at least) at the close of any performance that includes living, breathing people. The point of an ovation is that it takes note of an extraordinary performance. If everything is special, then nothing is.

Mason jars

If you’ve spent any time on Pinterest in the past, oh, five years, you can’t have missed this trend. There is nothing, and we mean nothing, you cannot do to repurpose a Mason jar, according to Pinteresty types. The jars now turn up at weddings, showers, dinners and birthday parties. They’re full of sand, shells, buttons, lights, glass pebbles, safety pins, dust, who knows what else. Repurposing a jar for flowers is charming. An army of them everywhere we go is not.