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Expecting a check from Uncle Sam? Here are a few of our favorite retail spots for a splurge.

Jive Time Records

This Fremont destination has an amazing used-vinyl selection, carefully curated by a staff of obsessive yet nonjudgmental record nerds who love listening to and talking about music. New arrivals daily (3506 Fremont Ave. N., Seattle;

The Curious Nest

Local designer Andrea Savar’s jewelry, sold in this charming Bryant/Ravenna shop, looks like something crafted by fairies in a magical glade, or washed up by the tide from some mythical sea — all made from found objects, vintage treasures and a variety of metals and gemstones (2916 N.E. 55th St., Seattle;

Watson Kennedy

At two locations downtown, beautiful items hand-selected by tastemaster Ted Kennedy Watson make perfect gifts for other people — or yourself. Salted caramels, wineglasses, candles, books: Noel Coward would buy them here, if he were still around (First Avenue and Spring Street, and 86 Pine St., Seattle;

European Vine Selections

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Pick up a couple-three bottles of nice wine (rosé, this time of year, optimistically!) from this Capitol Hill purveyor. With luck, Doug Nufer, one of the co-owners who’s also a poet, will be there; he makes excellent recommendations and is anti-snobby about wine — and all things (522 15th Ave. E., Seattle;

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