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Happy Anniversary, Tell Us Your Story

We asked readers to submit stories about how they met their significant others. Here are some of your success stories! Answers have been edited for spelling and clarity.

Vicki and Leslie

Vicki and Leslie were “set up” by Vicki’s dog, at a chance meeting in New York. (Courtesy of Vicki Pardee)

“It was Thanksgiving weekend. My dear friends, with our dogs and I, were staying at a friend’s house on Ocean Shores. We got the Sunday paper and a small paragraph called for an audition for a dog part in a new play at the Seattle Repertory Theatre.

I called as soon as we got back to Seattle. My dog D’Art was pretty brilliant, if you ask me. She auditioned and got the part! Neither of us had ever done anything like this before! For the next two months, D’Art performed flawlessly. It was amazing every day to watch her. As plays do, it closed and moved on to another city. They were testing this show for a Broadway run. Well, two years later we got a call from the producers asking, ‘Is D’Art available to come to New York?’

D’Art was incredible. We walked all over Manhattan. At one special performance, a woman came over to meet D’Art, and forever changed my life. Leslie was a successful production stage manager, doing big musicals and plays. I knew D’Art was the conduit for this meeting. Leslie and I were together since that moment for over 23 years. Leslie moved from New York to Seattle where she continued to work in theater here. She moved into stage management in corporate events for Microsoft, Nike; traveling the world, doing what she loved. She loved Seattle. She loved bringing people together.


I appreciate being able to tell a little bit about our story. It was such a fairy tale. We made a beautiful life together, and I miss her every day. Leslie was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2010. She went through four courses of chemotherapy. She was so brave and so strong. In 2014, we went to Africa with the same friends that were the catalyst for our meeting.

In September 2014, Leslie chose Death with Dignity. The hole that remains without her is very real. Every day. The magic was we changed each other’s lives. And made a better life together.”


Kirsten and Rob

Kirsten and Rob met in Seattle and have been married for almost 30 years. (Courtesy of Kirsten McCall)

“I met Rob on my 21st birthday at Spinnakers, which was a restaurant on Shilshole Bay in Seattle, that became a dance club at night. Home for three weeks, between summer school and my senior year at Baylor University in Texas, I had limited time with friends and family.

It was my first night to be ‘legal’ and I was with numerous girlfriends, dressed up, and had just FUN on my agenda! After getting carded at the door, we were ready to party! I noticed Rob right away; he was very casual and SUPER CUTE! We flirted from a distance for about an hour and a half and he finally walked up with the unforgettable line, ‘Are we going to dance, or what?!’ How could I refuse! By the end of the evening, we had exchanged phone numbers and something told me I was going to marry this guy! Three years later, at our wedding reception, the best man who was Rob’s buddy the night we met, announced that Rob told him that night, ‘I’m going to marry that girl.’

We went on four dates in my remaining 10 days before heading back to Texas. Easy conversation, lots of sharing and plenty of teasing and laughs. Not being in a long-distance relationship before, I was unsure how that year apart would go. Despite being dyslexic, Rob wrote to me EVERY SINGLE DAY! No cellphones, and long-distance calls were expensive, so we relied on cards, letters and notes. He visited me twice — once for homecoming in the fall and once for spring break — we got engaged on his second trip!

Spring forward and we are celebrating 29 years of marriage. We do not have children and enjoy being dedicated and doting cat parents. I attribute our success as a couple to the shared commitment to us as a team. Two years into our marriage, we moved cross-country to North Carolina, knowing no one. It was the best thing that could have happened to our young marriage … it was just us and an opportunity to bond and appreciate one another tremendously. Two other big moves for work followed; we now have been back in Seattle for 20 years.


It’s the ‘little things’ we do for each other that have proved to be the glue … and it certainly doesn’t hurt that Rob is still the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!”


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