Sketched May 21, 2019

MARYSVILLE — If my sketches came with a soundtrack, this one from Ebey Waterfront Park in Marysville would include the loud horn from a BNSF locomotive, the buzz of cars zooming by on I-5 and the chirping of little birds flying around the Snohomish River estuary at low tide.

The Ebey Slough railroad bridge and the Interstate 5 overpass are testament to the historical efforts to ease travel across these wetlands that separate Marysville from Everett. The steel bridge dates from 1906 and the 4-mile portion of freeway south of here just turned 50 this month (thanks for the reminder,!) It was the last stretch of I-5 to be completed in Washington state, allowing motorists to travel from Canada to the northern California state line without the interruption of traffic lights.

The Snohomish River delta is impossible to appreciate when you drive north on I-5, so I’m glad I took a little detour to explore on foot. While the park didn’t offer the prominent view of the freeway I was looking for, that impressive steel bridge and everything around it made for an even better sensory experience.

Getting there: Ebey Waterfront Park is just a few blocks from exit 199 on northbound I-5. Community Transit bus route 201/202 will drop you a few minutes’ walk from the park.