Seattle is the second-best city for singles and one of the world’s best party cities?


This must be why some people put zero stock in these types of surveys and studies.

According to a 2021 WalletHub analysis of so-called dating-scene metrics, Seattle singles may be “closer to a happily ever after than they think.”

That determination is based on 32 metrics, including the number of single people in the city, the online and mobile dating opportunities here, the unemployment rate, the number of restaurants and the percentage of vaccinated individuals.

Another analysis, this one done by online moving assistance company Porch, concluded that the Seattle metropolitan area, including Tacoma and Bellevue, is the 14th best for singles.

That’s based on the percentage of single millennials, the gender ratio of 7.2% more men than women, the employment rate of millennials, which is 6.3% higher than the national average, and the average millennial income: $52,402.


Neither study includes information about the culture of dating in Seattle, the friendliness of the inhabitants or the weather that can turn even the most jovial into hermits.

The studies also don’t factor in Northwesterners’ reputation for being cool to new friendships, also known as the Seattle Freeze.

And both studies ignore some of the weirdest dating stories we’ve ever heard, which of course are located right here in the Seattle area, and leave out the fact that Washington is the seventh most “catfished” state, losing $14 million to romance scammers in 2020.

Additionally, both studies based their rankings on what millennials are doing — as if no one in any other age group is part of the dating scene. The focus in one of the studies on the ratio of men to women also oversimplifies the complex roles gender and sexual orientation can play in the dating scene.

Perhaps even more amusing than rating Seattle as a top city for singles is the ranking from 888poker that somehow, mysteriously names Seattle among the world’s greatest party cities.


Anyone who has wondered why folks aren’t dancing on tables or who has stood forlornly outside a bar or nightclub at 1:45 a.m., when the city closes up fast and tight (just as the fun was starting) knows that is a stretch.

The online poker site’s analysis is based on the legality of marijuana in the cities studied, the number of nightlife venues listed on Tripadvisor, the number of budget hotels listed on Tripadvisor, and the number of casinos in each city.

By those standards, Seattle is the sixth-best party city in the world after Las Vegas, New Orleans, San Francisco, Prague and Amsterdam, but eclipsing Los Angeles, New York City, Miami and Cancun.

Sure it is! Let’s all just keep laughing at this ridiculousness and try to have a good day.