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Dating Question of the Month

We asked readers to tell us:  “What’s something your significant other does that other people find annoying/gross/weird, but that you find endearing?”  

Here’s what people said.

Answers have been edited for spelling and clarity.

“My engineer husband is a home handyman extraordinaire. Our neighbors are probably annoyed by the noise that he makes doing weekend projects when they are trying to relax, but I appreciate the love and care that he takes to make our house a home. “

“He’s awful at texting/responding, but he’s the most attentive human ever in person!”


“He lets me pick at his zits and blemishes.”

“She pretends she can’t hear someone when they say something rude/mean.”

“He’s literally always naked at home, never clothed!”

“He has an old-timey mustache that he curls at the end and I love it!”

“He licks my nose.”

“She sings things instead of just saying them, people find it annoying but I think it’s hilarious and fun. I’ll join in randomly as backup.”

“He’s a sap! A lot of people think he’s a mushy guy. I love it.”

“He talks veryyyy slowlyyyy. It balances out how fast I talk!”

“I don’t have a significant other … that’s why I follow this.”


“My girlfriend leaves strands of her hair on the walls of the shower — most of the time she cleans it up after — and I think it’s cool. I’ve never had long hair so it never occurred to me that it was a thing you could do.”

“She still can’t have her food touch on her plate. It’s like she’s a little kid. I think it’s adorable.”

“Goes to sleep with a toy stuffed/plush giraffe. And a toy stuffed/plush octopus. (My wife — something she never disclosed before marriage, of course.)”

“She falls asleep on the light rail.”

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