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Best Date/Worst Date

We asked readers to submit stories about the best, worst and weirdest dates they’ve been on. Here’s what they said.

Answers have been edited for spelling and clarity.

WORST: “It was 1977 in Seattle. A friend of a friend asked me out on a date to a fancy restaurant. I had heard he recently bought a cool sports car and I was selfishly excited to ride in it. He arrived with two pink foam hair rollers dangling from his head, forgotten when he was trying to go for the curly disco look. He laughed it off. As we proceeded downtown, I could sense his gaze. But it wasn’t me he was looking at. He was driving past the big picture window at Frederick & Nelson, admiring his own reflection. He promptly scraped his tires against the sidewalk for a half-block trying to get a better look. After our $135 meal, he said he was sorry that he only had $16 in his wallet. I still hate that guy.”

— Anonymous

BEST: “On the third date with my now-boyfriend, I made him try Thai food for the first time. He ordered a five-star spicy and scared the waiter. I told him if he didn’t like Thai food we wouldn’t go out again. It’s been two years … safe to say he loved it! Since then we have tried every Thai restaurant in Issaquah.”



WORST: “I met her in 1991 at a friend’s mixer. She invited me on a date to her publishing company’s annual awards banquet.

The following Friday evening I could not find her driveway in the dark stormy night. I frantically searched and found a pay phone and tried calling her, but the line was constantly busy. Eventually I knocked on her door, and she answered it angrily! She explained that she had been on the phone with her girlfriend for over an hour and began venting when she noticed I was not there on the appointed time.

Mind you, I am shivering in a three-piece suit while she is dressed in jeans and a faded blouse that might as well have said, ‘It’s time to clean out the garage.’ I said shockingly, ‘Isn’t this a formal attire dinner?’ She nonchalantly responds and says her employer asked her to cover the awards ceremony.

At the party she sits with me for about five minutes and then disappears for the rest of the gala. I’m awkwardly entertained by her colleagues and their significant others who were also wondering out loud what she is doing without me.

When I dropped her off at her home, she insisted I have my palm read by her friend! It was then I learned I am ‘vain.’ By the disdain shown on their faces, I knew it was time to exit. Needless to say, I never saw her again, not even in print.”


BEST: “We met at the gym! We had spent about a month casually getting to know each other over Instagram before he asked me out. He saw that I went to Maris Farms previously during the day with a friend, and asked if I wanted to go at night to see if it was more fun. He then surprised me and went ahead and checked what times were available and then checked with me about my work schedule. He brought an extra sweatshirt for me in case I got cold. We talked and laughed the entire way there! I clung to his arm the entire time we were in line because it was so cold.


We held hands through the entire corn maze and spent the entire night cracking jokes. It took us ages to say goodbye, and when I went in for one last hug goodbye, he hugged me then pulled away, looked at me and asked if he could kiss me. I laughed and said yes; he gave me a sweet and very innocent kiss and that was that. We’re still talking and getting to know each other to this day! He’s been wonderful.”


STRANGE: “I’m in law school and I want to work as a prosecutor, so he kept referring to me as a prosecutor and told his friends that I was one. When I told him that made me uncomfortable, he just kind of shrugged it off. … I was shocked and a bit creeped out that he told such a huge lie. That night, I kept correcting him and I would say something like, ‘Well you’re not a doctor yet,’ as he was working as an emergency medical technician at the time. He hadn’t even started medical school! … Obviously never saw him again.”

— Anonymous

WORST: “Met a guy for coffee (this was pre-COVID) and one minute into the date he admits he’s married and cheating. Ugh. I told him I felt bad for his wife and I walked out. It was the only time I’ve ever walked out on someone.”

— Tracy

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