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Dating Question of the Month

What are some relationship “green flags”? What are the good things that you look out for when getting to know someone?

Answers have been edited for spelling and clarity.

“He is kind to restaurant servers, is a considerate driver, doesn’t bad-mouth his ex, doesn’t constantly mention his ex, doesn’t complain about his job and co-workers, his political, social and spiritual beliefs are similar to mine, we laugh at similar things, he can carry on a conversation, he is sensitive to the need for distancing, masks, etc., when getting to know each other. There are lots more, but those are the really important ones for me.”


“Not driving like a jerk might be the most underrated green flag.”


“Green light for anyone who had an opportunity to make fun of someone or be rude, but takes the high road. Once on a date, I saw a guy slip on the sidewalk, and a couple of people at the corner laughed. But instead, my date went and helped the guy up. Helping people around you and honestly just overall kindness is so important. Especially when you don’t give in to what everyone else around you is doing.”



“No hair in the bathroom sink.”


“A man that goes to therapy is a green flag. Working on yourself is nothing to be ashamed of, it’s in fact the opposite, you should be proud of it. Everyone can benefit from therapy and know your date wants to become a better person is a huge turn-on.”


“Nothing like watching your partner or date interact with kids and have a good/cute experience. It’s such a green flag, especially if you want kids. It’s like looking at your potential life partner and seeing the future as you look at them. It sounds sappy but I feel like most people know what I’m talking about.”


“If my dog likes them, that’s a green flag immediately.”


“On my third date with one woman in particular, she initiated what we should do with our night (which is another green flag — when a girl initiates or takes the first step) and said we should check out a street food fair. She was so excited about all the different food, we were swapping food stories and we tried a little bit of almost every kind a food. It’s that adventurous/curiousness that’s always a green flag.”


“A green flag for me is when I notice the person has a stable job. Stability to me is important because I’ve dated someone extremely unstable, and it made my life hectic and unorganized. I’m a Type A person, and even though not everyone is like that, it’s something that I value. Also, know that by saying a ‘stable job’ is a green flag, that’s not the same thing as saying ‘high-paying’ job. There is a difference.”


“Following up is such a green flag, especially when it’s immediately after a date. Getting a text that makes you feel butterflies walking back to your car is the best feeling.”



“Loves their mom, has good relationships with siblings and parents. You are your family, whether you like it or not. (There are some exceptions to that rule, but from my experience it has remained true.)”


“Green flags: Will try any type of food at least once and also takes mental health seriously.”


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