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Dating Question of the Month

We often talk about the downsides of online dating and apps, but what are some things that you like about the world of virtual dating?

Answers have been edited for spelling and clarity.

“For someone with a major hearing loss and inability to control first-time offline interactions, dating online has been a huge help.

When I met guys at loud bars, being deaf was definitely not fun. Public interactions in general are terribly difficult for the deaf and hard of hearing, whether it’s small talk you can’t hear from another person in the grocery line or while ordering from a barista next to a high-squealing espresso machine that perfectly masks human voices.


I’ll never forget the first time I discovered the ability to meet people online around 2000 on Craigslist, or even the very first time I sent a text message. I almost thought the only people who should be ‘approved’ for online dating or communicating by texting was the deaf and hard of hearing because hearing people don’t have that extra hurdle! They can use the traditional ways! Once I realized the control was in my hands and I could arrange a meeting in a place I knew to be quiet or with good acoustics, online dating became a good thing.”


“Responses and conversations — let alone actual dates — on dating apps have not exactly been easy to come by throughout the pandemic. So, in the absence of a natural conversation starter, I’ve resorted to asking matches what they’re reading to get things started. While that doesn’t necessarily guarantee a back-and-forth either, I’ve at least been able to add a lot of great books to my to-read list!”


“At the beginning of quarantine, I included in my dating profile that ‘writing Jane Austen-style love letters’ could be a good way to pass the time. I was not prepared for the response, but I received many ‘Dear Alysha,’ Jane Austen-esque letters!

What I learned from this was that boredom is a great precursor to creativity, and some men are way bigger romantics than they let on. There were other things written in my profile! But dudes LEAPT at the opportunity to channel their inner romantic. They just needed a writing prompt.

So, plus side of online dating … entertainment? Fun interactions you otherwise would never have? Good outlet for bored creative writers?”


“I met someone on Match, and it was both of our first blind dates after we had gone through divorces. We got married last Friday, so I can definitely say that there is hope in online dating!”


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